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"Caren guided our team through discussions that continue to shape our foundation. Her approach is from the heart and the mind."

– Deepak Chopra


"As a multi-generational family, we are sometimes divided on how we approach philanthropy. We have discovered over time that if we can't get to the same "destination" together then we need to re-examine what we are doing. Process matters just as much as the results. Caren cares deeply about the process and where and how it leads the family. In doing so she engages the family toward real impact without losing compassion and passion for what got us there."

– Anne McGregor, Herschend Family and Neighbor Company


"Caren guided our family as we grew philanthropically. Her thoughtful and diplomatic approach set the stage for the continuation our family legacy."

– Lester Crown


"Caren helped us lay the groundwork for our family foundation. Because of her patient, kind instruction we have been able to start a family foundation that will hopefully last generations and have a valuable impact. Specifically, she helped us organize our governance model in a way that optimized our ability to learn, grow, and give well. We loved our time working with her and we highly recommend her to anyone."

– Nate Solder, NFL NY Giants, Solder True Life Foundation

"We’ve worked with Caren for many years; she’s done a stellar job that goes way beyond our original expectations. Her mentorship and education have helped us become very sophisticated in managing and growing our foundation by leaps and bounds.


Caren’s manner is never imposing as she has a wonderful way to subtlety share her knowledge and expertise, while helping our foundation and many others. We would not be as successful as we are today without her presence on our team. Caren’s extensive network has connected us with other families as we share learnings and knowledge that we would never have access to, building our internal capacity. 


We’re seeing the results on the social impact of our philanthropic investments as Caren is helping to guide us through this process."

– Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation

Happy Family
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